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COBB Bread Tin

Price: HK $ 100

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Cobb dome extension

Not enough height in your Cobb then here is the answer.

Price: HK $ 130

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Cobb frying pan with fork

Perfect for cooking eggs, bacon, pancakes, pizzas and much more.

Price: HK $ 345

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Cobb Premier

Stainless steel small, robust, versatile - the go anywhere cooker

Price: HK $ 1,680

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COBB Premiere Gas Cover

Price: HK $ 200

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Cobb roast rack fenced

The Cobb fenced roast rack eliminates the need to constantly turn food when cooking.

Price: HK $ 120

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Cobb Supreme carry bag

The COBB carrier bag allows you to take your kitchen in a bag anywhere, anytime.

Price: HK $ 195

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COBB Supreme Griddle

Price: HK $ 415

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Cobb Supreme roast rack fenced

The COBB roast rack it's really help your cooking easy. 

Price: HK $ 175

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Dome Extension + chicken roasting rack

For cooking poultry in a vertical position, then this combination is a must.

Price: HK $ 195

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GAS COBB Premiere SS

Price: HK $ 2,000

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