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1100s Outdoor Kitchen


This is Beefeater’s ultimate outdoor kitchen made from quality stainless steel. It can be as big as want or downsized to suite smaller outdoor areas. The choice is yours.

To build your outdoor kitchen is easy:

  1. Select the 1100s build in barbecue (4 or 5 burner)
  2. Select what side cabinets you require (minimum of two)
  3. Select the corresponding shelf set.

Note: Price Ex Warehouse. Delivery & Set up fee not included.


It’s purpose built for those times you really do need everything, including the kitchen sink. Featuring a 4 burner barbecue and two cabinets made from quality stainless steel, this one's sure to impress.


This product is available as follows

1100s Side Burner Shelf

Product ID: 77240

Price: HK $2,530


SS Cab No Drawer

Product ID: 77030

Price: HK $10,130


SS Cab with Drawer

Product ID: 77020

Price: HK $10,846


SS Cab With Side Burner

Product ID: 77040

Price: HK $11,670


SS Side Shelf

Product ID: 77230

Price: HK $1,650