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S3000s on Pedestal Trolley


The innovative BeefEater 'Quartz Start' ignition system is built into the gas control of every burner to provide longer component life and trouble free starting. Porcelain coated cast iron distribute and hold the heat like cast iron, but much easier to clean and looking new. BeefEaters' material of choice for its flagship barbecue range is 304 grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is highly regarded in the food and medical industry for its corrosion resistant, hygienic and easy maintenance qualities. This package has a Beefeater Signature S3000s Series 3B BBQ on Sil pedestal trolley.


This product is available as follows

S3000s 4B BBQ on Pedestal Trolley

Product ID: 12840 & 22145

Price: HK $35,500