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SL4000s on Cabinet Trolley


The Signature SL4000 is a high end packaged barbecue featuring huge cooking and storage capacity, as well as offering every option imaginable.

Truly a connoisseur’s barbecue, backed by an impressive lifetime warranty, this BBQ is made with the finest 304 grade stainless steel throughout. Now featuring exclusive innovative safety feature, the feature assists in ensuring you'll never accidentally leave your barbecue on. Each burner is fitted with a blue safety LED which remains lit while the gas is switched on. Keep a lookout on selected barbecues


This product is available as follows

SL4000s OBST 5B BBQ on Cabinet Trolley

Product ID: 30350

Price: HK $67,870

*Temporary out of stock


SL4000s OBST 6B BBQ on Cabinet Trolley

Product ID: 30360

Price: HK $77,550