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What size of barbecue and how many burners will I need?

This depends on the style of cooking, if one uses their barbecue as an outdoor kitchen, a barbecue with a roasting hood is a full convection oven. In this case, you need to allow space for one or two baking dishes. The more burners, the easier it is to control the heat, and to provide more “hot areas” on the cooking surface.

How many people can I cook for?

The only limitation is your imagination!    You could cook “Aussie style” where you cook one type of meat at a time and continue in a leisurely way, cooking most of the day, or if you want to serve all the guests at one time, say with a steak, you sear the steak each side, and stack them, and put the roasting hood down to finish. In this way, you could serve up to 50-60 people from a 3-burner barbecue.

How hygienic is my barbeque unit?

It’s very hygienic if you follow our simple cleaning instructions below.
You can also heat the barbecue and re-clean before you cook for absolute care.

How long will my barbeque unit last?

This of course depends on how often you use it and more importantly how well you care for it. A well maintained high quality barbecue, such as we stock, should last at least a decade. Some will even last a lifetime.

How can I tell how much gas is left in the bottle?

You could of course use bathroom scales, weighing with and without the bottle. 
You can also do the sound test of “tapping” – listen for a dull sound where it’s full and a hollow sound where it’s empty.

There are even gas indicators available which work with simple science.Turn on the gas; the gas in the bottle is cold, pour hot water down the side of the bottle to find the line of condensation.